My cheat sheet

I only ever had homemade Christmas mince pies growing up. Mum made them, we ate them. LOTS…I think the first time I had a bought one was when I moved to the UK.But here we are, November time, the ready made jar mix is calling from the shop aisles so homemade shortcrust pastry is on…

Friday night throw together

I have finally cleared the freezer of pre-cooked packed dinners. This below was the culmination of a Moroccan bulgar wheat and chickpea salad (with additional red onion and spinach), leftover Halloween pumpkin, roast carrots & a thinly sliced Italian herb chicken fillet.

Sunday roast beef

This beauty had been marinated and cooking for a few hours when I took this photo. The smell of a roast wafting through the house cannot be underestimated… garlic and rosemary. I’m salivating right now.

Tins at the ready

I get rather excited when I cook anything involving chorizo. This meal was no exception; my own Spanish Stew with chicken, chorizo, chickpeas and tinned tomatoes… all bundled in slow cooker ALL day and served with homemade fresh rolls. Autumnal perfection.

Fresh herbs

This stash of rosemary came from the communal garden on our estate. The fragrance is abundant. The sage on the other hand has been nurtured (& somewhat neglected previously) in my own garden. Since making soup, sage has become my go-to herb of choice. The saying ‘a little goes a long way’ is very much…

Sunday night lunch mid-week

I love bangers and mash, but I also love when I can boost it that extra level with crispy roasted potatoes, homemade Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, veggies and gravy. Even better when I have time!

Exception to the rules

I am adamant we all eat the same thing but sometimes I need to make exceptions for the kids if I know we’re devouring something spicy for example. And on this occasion I did too. It was birthday day and we had NO leftovers would you believe! So younger folk had pasta and marinara and…

Old hand-me-down recipe book

This is sadly falling apart. But I like to think that is largely helped by the immense use and love it has had over the years. My mum used it always, then I bought it over from Australia and here it resides in my kitchen, calling out for me to frequently bake banana cake, scones…

Kitchen garden

I’ve said it before, this summer has been dreadful for fresh veggies in our garden. We’ve bee so lucky to have had an abundance of produce in the last few years since I got my eldest daughter involved in the planting and picking. But this year so far, the beans went, the carrots weren’t much…