Homegrown tomatoes

A few years back I started a little veggie patch in our new build home back garden. The tomatoes are small and green, but they’re on their way…

Leftover goulash

I really live a batch of frozen leftovers. Thirds was a mass batch of Hungarian beef goulash and anything my children eat is a bonus in my house. Tonight’s meal was served rice.


I have been dreaming about making this dish since my aunt in Australia served it over 15 years ago. Only now, with my burst of Mediterranean inspiration, have I dived into the realms of middle eastern grain salads… And there was plenty leftover for a side accompaniment for today’s lunch (with some extra flat leaf…

Hearty pasta pillows and moons

Earlier this year I found an Italian shop in town (I’ve posted about it before and have refrained from purchasing too much or I will eat myself into a cannoli coma). But the range of ravioli and tortellini has been eye watering. And I’m a sucker for anything Italian pasta-based and my local well known…

American cookies

I made these cookies a few weeks back from a book I bought in my child-free days when I had time. And then I had children and do not have time. But on this occasion I made exception. My take was melting the butter and using half the quantity of chocolate chips/drops. There were not…

Cheese please

There is little in life that cheese won’t fix. Whether it is a reliable cheddar block, a slice of something creamy, a spread of something creamier, or a whole-baked camembert served with chutney and soft warm bread, cheese is one of my many comfort additions. A recent meal consisted of 3 types of cheese to…

Cookbooks…so many!

First world problems, but I’ve been collating all my cookbooks and my word they’re chunky and many. Idea’s on how to store, show/display? I basically need another non-existent room… I am actually going to start an audit (just because it’s an excuse for a spreadsheet creation) because I have been on the verge of buying…

Dough rising

There is something so pleasing in watching yeast take flight and dough rising…the smell, the texture, the anticipation of what it will become!


This is a croll, a delicate pastry from the aisle of Lidl, that I stumbled upon one morning when i was wanted something naughty (croissant) and weighed it up with it being roll-like (so the ‘good’ side, wink-wink). This was subsequently devoured in a matter of seconds, as all baked goods should be!

Roasted Italian garlic sweet potatoes

I tried these a few weeks ago with my brand new unused slicer… they weren’t so successful. Tonight I was determined to get them right. I didn’t par boil my sliced potatoes first, and used a small mixture of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. I also used my homemade Italian seasoning.