Banana syrup cake

Who can say no to banana cake on a cold afternoon. Using up all the brown bananas is the ultimate bonus in a really quick tasty treat…

Comfort beef casserole

We need to up the veggies sometimes and this meal answers that call: beef, turnip, carrot, onion, parsnip and swede, herbs, with some mushrooms for good measure. Served with mash, how much more comforting can this be?

Simple Italian vegetable tomato sauce

This sauce was concocted in a daydream. That daydream meant I thought of nothing else all day. So I made it as soon as I got home! A few tins of tomatoes, left over vegetables (carrot, celery, red pepper, tomatoes, mushroom, garlic cloves and Italian seasoning). All on a low simmer for couple of hours…


Pasta, a bit like mashed potato is amazing and it solves many of my problems I strongly believe (food has that tendency). But sometimes I need a bit more oomph! Ravioli satisfies that oomph and adding my simple veggie sauce has upped the veggie intake too. Grate on the essential parmesan cheese and dinner sorted.

Key ingredient – soda water

This essential ingredient is what makes Palacsinta’s so thin and different from the usual Shove Tuesday crepe. I’ve been make Hungarian pancakes for years and cheap soda water is a store cupboard must.

Tuna patties

This is fish night in my house. Served with green peas and halloumi (see, I said it could go with anything), these are devoured by all. And a great leftover lunch with a sweet chili dip… that’s if you have any leftover.

Pantry essential – freezing vegetables

I just can’t have a full fridge. If it looks too much, then a bulk cooking frenzy begins in earnest where I make everything into something. There is always carrots, celery and frozen peas in my house. And bagged up into portions, they make the essential ingredient to my shepherd’s pie (along with my bulk…

Marinated honey garlic pork

We all need a change and I’m definitely in the ‘cook the same meat’ rut. As an alternative to chicken, these cuts of pork tenderloin are not too fatty and are decent slabs of meat from the supermarket aisle. Marinated for a few hours in a ziplock bag with 2 grated garlic cloves, ¼ cup…

Key ingredient – Ale

A slow cooked pie or casserole is one of winter’s go-to meals. No discussion required. However, when it calls for ale, I tend to go for a lighter version (as I have young children). Still flavoursome, leave a couple in the cupboard for that last minute need for comfort beef!


If parmesan cheese could be a meal in itself, I think we would all have a portion! I have it constantly stored in my fridge (if I’m lucky I haven’t run out). This is one of those fridge essentials that is a must for pasta dishes, for taste, for texture and last minute snacks. Grate…