When in Rome…

I went to Rome for earlier this year, for the first time since I was five. And I can safely say I had a much better appreciation for the culture, sights, smells and sounds then I did back in 87′.

And my word, did I fall for Italian food like no one’s business. Now I will go to a Pizza Express like any other person, but pizza in the Piazza Navona, cannot express enough the perfection in the ingredients, tastes, service (impeccable) and just the focus on it being genuine. Pizza and pasta in Italy is the only way and how it always should be.

Here are some photos of what I can only describe as the best outdoor open market at Campo de Fiori, fresh, full, heaving and so cheap.

If you find a market like this, grab it with both hands; ensure you have bought with you sufficient space (such a massive car) and an abundant, giving suitcase and pack, pack, pack!

The herbs we bought at about €2 a bag, have kept us going since March.



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