The art of simple food

Why make life complicated and why so in the kitchen?

If you strive for only perfection in the hub of the home all the time, every day and within every meal, you will be disappointed. And most of all, how can you enjoy the eating of food when stress is placed on it?

It is sometimes where mistakes, the unexplained and unplanned come together to create perfection and simplicity.

And sometimes the simplest of ingredients join forces to create something obvious.

Perhaps only obvious after we’ve tasted the texture, flavour and inhaled the aroma, realising we too could do the same thing in our own kitchen restaurant.

On our honeymoon to Venice this year I discovered one such immense concoction that if I could have every night I would not have any complaints.

The art and execution is simple – cooked spaghetti, tossed through a warm liquid of olive oil, with an aroma of smoked chilli flakes and garlic.

Heat the oil and herbs on very low in a saucepan, drain when warm and toss through cooked spaghetti (however tender your preference may be).

As we speak, tonight we will enjoy this Venetian love with some baked salmon, a side of green beans and this homefoodphilosophy girl will be one happy cherub.


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