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We all have those essential dishes that make us feel like we are wrapped in a comfy blanket on a Winter’s day whether it actually be warm or cold outside – that meal that brings pleasure, memories and a smile to your face.

One such food that always fills me with joys of comfort eating is Tuna Morney, made and perfected by my late mother, given and passed down (I like to think) to me and cooked as often as I can for myself, my beloved husband and anyone else who eats at our table.

It is so simple and contains only a few ingredients that provide a massive taste blast.

Flaked tuna in brine, a touch of mild curry powder for warmth and essential spice, chopped and sautéed brown onion, mixed together with a homemade béchamel sauce. Served with or beside pasta or rice (but the former is a preferred favourite) and a handful of plain, salted crisps for needy dipping.

Could not be more perfect x


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