Comfort eating part 2

It cannot be denied that comfort eating is a pleasure always.

And after a rather heavy Italian inspired cook-fest this week, we didn’t fall short of comfort.
this affect – I make no apologies for pasta eating en mass.

Spaghetti Bolognaise is one such comfort. A meal that can be cooked with a blindfold on, where smell is your guiding sensory pleasure until the very first eaten morsel where taste then takes over and consumes you whole-heartedly.

As a parting gesture for my father and brother before they head to the land down under, I cooked up a batch mid-week for them, my husband (and me of course), a meal much loved and one remembered at times created by my mum, with the full knowledge it would be devoured.

I don’t do diets or pretend I eat only fruit and veg – I’d honestly starve. I eat what makes me happy and pasta is one such thing. Everyone should be able to enjoy food for their pleasure and not a societal requirement – lettuce leaf meals, what on earth is a lettuce only meal?

Don’t ever assume that pasta is satanic or ill advised, I will not hear of it – carbs make us feel full, give us energy and help create a wholesome and fulfilling meal.

At my house, you will always leave gastronomically satisfied.


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