Comfort Eating – Chicken Pot Pie

This is not a dish that should ever be made for the prime purpose of looking good. The messier the better, the flakier the pastry the nicer.

Made with few ingredients and covered with a blanket of puff pastry, you know winter has called out to your culinary senses when you cook Chicken Pot Pie and when nothing else will do.

The preparation and execution is simple: a few ingredients, one fry-pan and a pie dish (however, I use 2 smaller dishes to create 2 individual pies as I want one all to myself and sharing isn’t always necessary or desired).

And here’s how you create this meal for 2:

Sauté one chopped leek and a handful of sliced mushrooms and take off the heat when just wilted but still with some colour. Divide equally into pie dishes. Dice 4 smoked bacon slices and cook in the same fry-pan. When that’s cooked and glistening with a golden brown colour (and without cleaning the pan), transfer into the separate dishes. Throw in some diced chicken in the bacon juices until their white flesh becomes golden. Then add to the dishes also. The job of the fry-pan is now complete.

The pie contents should ideally reach approx. ¾ of the way up the dish (but I’m all for approximation and ‘about’ measurements, so quite frankly have the pot as full as your heart desires and your stomach demands).

Pour over a few tablespoons of homemade or concentrated chicken stock in each dish just to provide the pie with some essential juices. Briefly water the edges of the pie dishes and layer over the puff pastry.

And it is here I implore you to take my lead and buy the pastry; this is a simple, easy cook, hearty cuisine, not a dress to impress occasion.

Pinch the pastry onto the sides of the dish. Brush some melted unsalted, organic butter over the top of the pastry, poke a fork into each top a few times and put lovingly in oven.

When the pies start to take on that golden appearance, the puff pastry has risen to the occasion and the kitchen smells of pure joy and comfort, then that is approximately when it is ready.

Chicken Pot Pie complete – enjoy!


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