It’s an Australian thing

This year has flown by.

My husband and I are off to Australia in a few days – and I get to rediscover the great cuisine that Australian culture provides.


Although there isn’t a fundamental difference in British and Australian culture and that would include food , there is I believe, an actual vast gap in certain aspects.

As Australians, we all grew up with tastes and mandatory servings of Damper bread, lamingtons and Anzac biscuits (which OH has taken too with considerable excitement). But Aussie food provides a slightly different offering to our tastebuds as vegetables and their availability are different, some things are plentiful, other things are extremely costly and others a rarity.

Just ask anyone about the common banana in the UK and then compare to the Australian experience of 2006 – something you take for granted and overnight becomes impossible.


So, my big game plan is to enjoy culture and cuisine again on another continent and see what ends up on my very British plate upon my return…


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