Keep calm and well, just keep!

I love a leftover of almost anything – food scraps, a sad carrot, a mystified packet of tortilla wraps, jar contents, etc. Almost nothing (and I mean nothing) is wasted in our house. By the end of the week, the fridge is bare and ready for another week of culinary discovery.

I have continued to strive for such pleasures in the freezing of almost anything that will fit into an ice cube tray.

So red wine, rosemary and beef stock cubes become a handy compliment to a dish, be it beef mince-based or gravy (and a house that smells of roast and merlot is perfection in my book).

Now I have included the lush green, speckled landscape of pesto which has been carefully divided into said trays, ready for pasta and bruschetta evenings.

Before we left for our quick Australian dash a few weeks back, I had three rather sad looking bananas that I was tempted to throw but was dreaming of a better life for them.

So after some careful research and a really hungry tummy (I’m always thinking of baking mind due) I mashed the bananas equally, divided into freezer containers and they are now ready for defrosting and popping into a loaf or better still, a delectable muffin, in the future.

I have said in a previous post that we bought a shelved freezer a few years ago as we live in a flat and space is of the essence. We spent a bit on it (under £200) but it has saved us so much money in not wasting food.

Waste not, want not is a mantra I just don’t think people adhere to as much as they could. This is certainly my homefoodphilosophy.

So before binning the entire contents of your fridge (and if you’re not confident in what you could do with your leftovers), research, ask a friend or better still, use that creative mind to build a concoction of food combinations and you never know where it may take you!

Bon appetite!


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