Fusion: An explosion of texture & taste

In my culinary opinion, the concept of fusion is very underused in the modern kitchen – fusion entails a combination of ingredients that perhaps might be frowned upon as ‘not fitting conventional recipe’ notions. But surely this is something to embrace?

It is also a wonderful way of using leftover ingredients to ensure food waste is kept to an uttermost minimal.

A salad combination, although unseasonal as the winter draws nearer and when we actually prefer a bit of warmth, does however, provide a great side dish.

What you need is a decent handful of rocket (adds warmth and peppery spice), some peeled orange sections (for that citrus and sweetness burst), pomegranate seeds (if not for anything other than their sweet, bejewelled tones) and some small torn chunks of Greek feta cheese (for that essential creaminess to help balance the other textures and tastes).

The ingredients are nothing new and I certainly haven’t reinvented the wheel. But this is a side dish that is just asking to be plonked kindly alongside a main dish of Mediterranean lamb or homemade rustic pizza (as was my own choice this morning). It makes me wish summer was around the corner!

Have you created your own salad from leftovers? Would love if you could share your experience.

Happy eating x


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