A fish dish

I have never been able to eat fish. End of. Except tuna in brine from a tin. That counts I’m sure.

When I was three I visited the Victorian Markets in Melbourne with my family and was so overcome by the immense and overpowering odour of fresh seafood from the market stalls that the smell to this day, some 30 odd years later, brings a nausea and uncertainly to my nose.

Except I want to change that.

I want to change that because of the introduction 20 months ago of a little person we welcomed into our house (and now the impending introduction of another in a few months).

She loves fish and tuna and food in general (so all in all no complaints from this mumma). I also feed my husband salmon and fish weekly due to an omega 3 deficiency, so I can cook and breath calmly and get through the smell best I can frequently and much better then I ever did due to necessity.

So I’m calling to arms some fish introduction tasting ideas. My pallet of interest so far stems from a tolerable battered cod to a grilled white fish (Australian fish and chip shop style of course).

This will also I hope, rapidly accelerate my passion and desire for a Mediterranean lifestyle in the lull of the home counties and an eventual move to the Med so I can pretend to be cultured and eat olives and sundried tomatoes all day (one that money tree grows into life).

Fish was a cause for concern, I now want it to become my hunger for the taste.

Watch this space.


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