Kitchen garden revisited

Although I’m happy to see the end of the rain for now (the weeds think it was just divine), it has meant a significant bloom in my garden which I’m wishfully hoping will encourage my veggies to leap into action.

And thankfully my herbs have heeded to that plea and headed skywards.

I’m sure I’ve waffled on before but I am passionate about my desire for an extension in some way, of the kitchen into the garden, creating a continuous unbroken road of food from earth to table and table leftovers to replanting in the ground.

From something that can start as mere seeds from last years crop, to snippets of existing plants (and delighting in my neighbour’s wayward rosemary hedgerow), the kitchen garden can be whatever and however big and grand or tiny and surprising as you wish to make it.

So I’m thinking of some delectable, desirable dishes to use up the flurry of oregano, rosemary, coriander, parsley and basil playing home to my garden for this year.







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