American cookies

I made these cookies a few weeks back from a book I bought in my child-free days when I had time. And then I had children and do not have time. But on this occasion I made exception. My take was melting the butter and using half the quantity of chocolate chips/drops. There were not…

Dough rising

There is something so pleasing in watching yeast take flight and dough rising…the smell, the texture, the anticipation of what it will become!


This is a croll, a delicate pastry from the aisle of Lidl, that I stumbled upon one morning when i was wanted something naughty (croissant) and weighed it up with it being roll-like (so the ‘good’ side, wink-wink). This was subsequently devoured in a matter of seconds, as all baked goods should be!

Banana cake

Creating, mixing and baking a much loved family recipe of banana cake with my 3 year old is just perfect. I made 2 from this batch (ate 1 and froze the other). She makes a mess but I want her to be involved in the process of making and cooking food… in this case cake!…

Tins at the ready

There can be as much fun in preparing for baking as there can be in eating the delectable end product –fact! Loaf tins at the ready Ingredients on their way to make a scrummy madeira cake…