New year and a bit of Moroccan spice

A new year, new start and so much to keep me going. And sorry I’ve been out of touch, busy, busy, busy.

Saw this photo on Pinterest (thanks to for the link) and it reminded me of a recently inspired dinner party we had – doesn’t it just conjure up the exotic?


Last weekend we hosted a friend to enjoy my Middle-Eastern cuisine feast. And it lasted 2 meals and then some. We had:
Halloumi cheese (no other cheese would suffice i promise)
Moroccan lamb meatballs with apricots and harisa/yoghurt dip
Marinated chicken skewers with coriander
Fragrant cous-cous with dried apple
Chickpea, pomegranate, mint and cumin salad…
…and some other delectable givings.

What thoughts and ideas do you conjure up when you think of middle-eastern cuisine?

Do share…


Wine & cheese – a culinary match made in foodie heaven

We all know (and if you don’t, then here’s your lesson), that a glass of red and a slice of cheese on a crunchy cracker is perfection.

So in celebration of all things dairy and grape combined, what’s your favourite wine and with what cheese?

Mine (and this is me being disciplined providing just one choice), is a slice of brie on a water cracker with a glass of Shiraz.

Sometimes cheese is the answer…

I love, love, love cheese – so what better then a few helpful sites to get your tastebuds motivated?

Here’s a few links to some great cheese-led sites and assocations:

Some UK based ones:

& one from my own country:


(Thanks to for the picture)