The delectable cupcake morsel

Oh, such is the divine blessing of the humble cupcake, I would actually eat them every day if I could.

With the once common tiered wedding cakes now evolving into prefered individual wedding cupcake servings(and I think the evolution of wedding cakes in themselves is amazing), cupcakes offer a variety that should entail a much longer post.

How to describe a cupcake: a bite of glory, a mash of taste and texture, a lashing of frosting and a very messy hand!

Not only do cupcakes have a quirky edge over the older style muffin, but muffins too are an evolution in themselves.

Here’s some links to local cupcake makers:

Eat, eat, eat some more!


An Italian delicacy by no other name

This week feels like a sweet tooth week (and what is wrong with that?)

My husband came home from work the other day holding an array of cream filled pastries which we first stumbled upon and fell deeply in love with earlier this year in Venice.

I know that cream horns (Trubochki) are associated with Russia but having never been there and as they resemble Italian cannoli with their luxurious fillings, they are Italian to me.

These pastries we are eating are tubular but you can make versions with a metal instrument that produce a cone shape formation from the pastry and thus the reason the cream horn/Russian connection to some.

But quite frankly, the bigger, the flakier, the creamier, the better.

And with my love for all things food TV related, I have seen a growth in potential new flavours from the USA to fill these desserts – from the traditional cream cheese and lemon filling, white chocolate, a maple syrup/bacon concoction and a colourful pistachio and walnut flavour.

If it can be mixed with cream, then in my book, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

So to all the vendors of the horns alongside the Rialto, I am truly thankful for my Italian inspiration to get baking these delicacies.