Fresh herbs

This stash of rosemary came from the communal garden on our estate. The fragrance is abundant. The sage on the other hand has been nurtured (& somewhat neglected previously) in my own garden. Since making soup, sage has become my go-to herb of choice. The saying ‘a little goes a long way’ is very much…


When I have the ingredients in stock then I go a bit Bruschetta mad – the more the merrier. I’ve created it as a starter and a main course. And I prefer the homemade to be honest. Give me a good Italian restaurant any day but this homemade concoction is from the heart (and stomach)……


I have been dreaming about making this dish since my aunt in Australia served it over 15 years ago. Only now, with my burst of Mediterranean inspiration, have I dived into the realms of middle eastern grain salads… And there was plenty leftover for a side accompaniment for today’s lunch (with some extra flat leaf…

Roasted Italian garlic sweet potatoes

I tried these a few weeks ago with my brand new unused slicer… they weren’t so successful. Tonight I was determined to get them right. I didn’t par boil my sliced potatoes first, and used a small mixture of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. I also used my homemade Italian seasoning.

Make your own seasoning

Made some homemade herb mixes the other day. Result: taco seasoning and a huge batch of dried rosemary thanks to the communal garden hedge. And I had all the ingredients for the seasoning so a refill shop ahead me.

Dried herbs

Herbs have gone wild in the garden from the rain/sun indecisiveness, so I have trimmed galore in preparation for drying them out, mixing them up and adding to various dishes.

Garlic flatbread

I wanted something a little more homemade to accompany my lazy shop-bought pizza lunch… garlic cloves, fresh garden parsley, unsalted butter and some extra virgin olive oil slathered on white flatbread… wrapped in some foil and bunged in oven for 10-15mins.

Marinara sauce

I’ve never been too adventorous on homemade Italian sauces. The store bought jar thing is just fine by me. But I’m now on day 2 of making homemade marinara sauce, tonight to accompany the ravioli for a late dinner… Fresh oregano from the garden, dried basil, 2 jars of tinned toms, 3 grated cloves of…

Hungarian paprika

This sweet paprika is going to form the basis of a heap of Hungarian cuisine in the coming weeks. Goulash here we come…