I have been dreaming about making this dish since my aunt in Australia served it over 15 years ago. Only now, with my burst of Mediterranean inspiration, have I dived into the realms of middle eastern grain salads… And there was plenty leftover for a side accompaniment for today’s lunch (with some extra flat leaf…

Roasted Italian garlic sweet potatoes

I tried these a few weeks ago with my brand new unused slicer… they weren’t so successful. Tonight I was determined to get them right. I didn’t par boil my sliced potatoes first, and used a small mixture of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. I also used my homemade Italian seasoning.

Make your own seasoning

Made some homemade herb mixes the other day. Result: taco seasoning and a huge batch of dried rosemary thanks to the communal garden hedge. And I had all the ingredients for the seasoning so a refill shop ahead me.

Dried herbs

Herbs have gone wild in the garden from the rain/sun indecisiveness, so I have trimmed galore in preparation for drying them out, mixing them up and adding to various dishes.

Garlic flatbread

I wanted something a little more homemade to accompany my lazy shop-bought pizza lunch… garlic cloves, fresh garden parsley, unsalted butter and some extra virgin olive oil slathered on white flatbread… wrapped in some foil and bunged in oven for 10-15mins.

Marinara sauce

I’ve never been too adventorous on homemade Italian sauces. The store bought jar thing is just fine by me. But I’m now on day 2 of making homemade marinara sauce, tonight to accompany the ravioli for a late dinner… Fresh oregano from the garden, dried basil, 2 jars of tinned toms, 3 grated cloves of…

Hungarian paprika

This sweet paprika is going to form the basis of a heap of Hungarian cuisine in the coming weeks. Goulash here we come…

Christmas craft gifts – ahead of the pack

In an attempt to be uber-organised this coming Christmas (with a toddler and a what will be 3 month old) – that should be an achievable goal, right? So I have thought of some frugal, alternative craft gifts for friends and family: Rosemary salt Rosemary and Parmesan biscuits Lavender pouches Tomato and oregano sauce The…

Kitchen garden revisited

Although I’m happy to see the end of the rain for now (the weeds think it was just divine), it has meant a significant bloom in my garden which I’m wishfully hoping will encourage my veggies to leap into action. And thankfully my herbs have heeded to that plea and headed skywards. I’m sure I’ve…

New year and a bit of Moroccan spice

A new year, new start and so much to keep me going. And sorry I’ve been out of touch, busy, busy, busy. Last weekend we hosted a friend to enjoy my Middle-Eastern cuisine feast. And it lasted 2 meals and then some. We had: Halloumi cheese (no other cheese would suffice i promise) Moroccan lamb…