Homemade comfort food…

… at its best!

Pasta with 3 types of Italian meat and a cheesy white sauce, sprinkled with nutmeg & black pepper…


Mince – the versatile meal

What can one say about mince – is there nothing it can do?

• Spaghetti
• Lasagne
• Burgers
• Tacos
• Chilli con Carne
• Meatballs

Ok, so largely an American/Italian/Mexican influence, but once cooked any remaining leftovers can be frozen and put away, with a simple key added ingredients, its versatility comes into its own again once defrosted.

Wine & cheese – a culinary match made in foodie heaven

We all know (and if you don’t, then here’s your lesson), that a glass of red and a slice of cheese on a crunchy cracker is perfection.

So in celebration of all things dairy and grape combined, what’s your favourite wine and with what cheese?

Mine (and this is me being disciplined providing just one choice), is a slice of brie on a water cracker with a glass of Shiraz.

Sometimes cheese is the answer…

I love, love, love cheese – so what better then a few helpful sites to get your tastebuds motivated?

Here’s a few links to some great cheese-led sites and assocations:

Some UK based ones:

& one from my own country:


(Thanks to http://www.pinterest.com/daiva/recipes/ for the picture)

A rather romantic stroll in the market

I have an idealistic view of the culinary world that thankfully I can spend all I want (and all day in my head) where I visit romantic European outdoor markets and country stalls in my dreams.

The idea of fresh fruit, veggies, bread and pastries, wandering the many stalls crammed with cheeses and colourful fresh flowers.

I have luckily been to an actual few over the years – Rome being among my favourite; dried herbs patted around the outdoor tents, strands of egg pasta, plastic crates packed to the high with glossy vegetables.

The fresh look of produce, the passion and drive of stall holders in their many and the array of choice is a novelty I don’t feel I have locally to me.

If only Rome could come to Luton!

Share with us what your market dream would be and I will gladly keep the dream alive…

What a day for pie

I do just adore comfort food and sometimes this can only be found in the simple pleasure of a freshly baked savoury pie.

I have created a new board on my Pinterest called ‘Vintage Savoury Pie’ which I hope will provide you all with some inspiration for your own creature comfort pie-making and remind you of some favourites to get you in the mood.

Pie is whatever you want it to be, whatever taste you desire and whatever way you want to eat it – fork, spoon, hand (daring and messy, and not quite work corporate-do etiquette). The choice is entirely yours.

And when it comes to pastry, I’m in 2 minds. I love puff pastry for many pies and there is an argument the bought stuff is just as good as the homemade. It’s flaky, noisy and makes the best sound when you push through the pastry lid with your fork. On the other hand, a homemade shortcrust is something else altogether. That solid crunch of pastry, speckled with flavours of butter and rock salt. It is really all dependent on the pie filling at hand.

But it is the actual pie as a whole that offers something different to any other comfort-giving culinary delight. It has that hidden inner space of filling that when the pastry lid is on, it’s almost like a mystery.

It’s all about the PIE and it’s my favourite winter delight.

So enjoy the board and let me know if you have a favourite pie to share (but i understand if it is a secret, sometimes it’s better that way)

Happy pie eating…