The delectable cupcake morsel

Oh, such is the divine blessing of the humble cupcake, I would actually eat them every day if I could.

With the once common tiered wedding cakes now evolving into prefered individual wedding cupcake servings(and I think the evolution of wedding cakes in themselves is amazing), cupcakes offer a variety that should entail a much longer post.

How to describe a cupcake: a bite of glory, a mash of taste and texture, a lashing of frosting and a very messy hand!

Not only do cupcakes have a quirky edge over the older style muffin, but muffins too are an evolution in themselves.

Here’s some links to local cupcake makers:

Eat, eat, eat some more!


The addictive world of Pinterest

I have been reacquainting myself with Pinterest these last few days (might have something to do with being made redundant and having ‘me’ time which is not a bad thing and something I’ve had to accept as being okay).

Here’s the link to my boards and pins (some food related)
• Market Food
• Cake and Bake
• Chocolate Heaven
• Wine o’clock

If you’re on Pinterest too, I’d love you to follow or get in touch so I can be inspired by your boards too.

I really do love this side of social creativity.