Christmas craft gifts – ahead of the pack

In an attempt to be uber-organised this coming Christmas (with a toddler and a what will be 3 month old) – that should be an achievable goal, right?

So I have thought of some frugal, alternative craft gifts for friends and family:

  • Rosemary salt
  • Rosemary and Parmesan biscuits
  • Lavender pouches
  • Tomato and oregano sauce

The idea being that most of the ingredients are from my very own collection and cuttings that my daughter helps cultivate (well digs with her spade and pours dirt all over the pathway)- but practically the same!DE9oJIcW0AEm-sB

Here we go…


Smell and the fragrant kitchen

I think smell is one of the essential kitchen ingredients. It is so personal, so specific, so definite, it makes or breaks our taste buds.

It is defined by seasons, mood and whether you’re in the moment.

It can be the herbs you delicately shred into a meal, the sweet baked cake calling you from the oven, to the overnight marinade bursting with flavour set to come alive in your mouth.

What defines a perfect smell in your humble kitchen?